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SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Fone de ouvido para jogos sem fio – Drivers Hi-Fi premium – Cancelamento de ruído ativo – Infinity Power System – Microfone ClearCast Gen 2 – PC, PS5, PS4, Switch, Mobile

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  • Almighty Audio – Experimente a melhor nitidez e qualidade de som com drivers premium de alta fidelidade. Personalize totalmente a experiência de som com o software Sonar usando um equalizador paramétrico profissional de primeira linha. Observação: se o tamanho das pontas do fone de ouvido não corresponder ao tamanho dos seus canais auditivos ou o fone de ouvido não for usado adequadamente em seus ouvidos, você pode não obter as qualidades de som corretas ou desempenho de chamada. Mude as pontas dos fones de ouvido para aquelas que se ajustam mais confortavelmente ao seu ouvido
  • Áudio espacial de 360° – O som surround envolvente transporta você para o mundo dos jogos, permitindo que você ouça cada passo crítico, recarregar ou sinalização vocal para lhe dar uma vantagem. *Totalmente compatível com Tempest 3D Audio para PS5/Microsoft Spatial Sound.
  • Cancelamento ativo de ruído – Mergulhe no seu mundo virtual como um sistema híbrido especializado de 4 microfones projetado para jogos e afinação do ruído ambiente. Use o modo Transparency com níveis variáveis para se adaptar a qualquer situação.
  • Infinity Power System – Troca entre usar uma bateria enquanto carrega a outra para manter o seu fone de ouvido funcionando e funcionando.
  • Conexão multi-sistema – Duas portas USB permitem que você conecte seu PC, Mac, PlayStation ou Switch, e troque entre eles pressionando um botão.
  • Duas transmissões de áudio – Misture duas conexões de áudio ao mesmo tempo, permitindo que você converse com amigos enquanto joga. Jogue com 2,4 GHz sem atraso enquanto usa Bluetooth simultaneamente para chamadas, discord, música e podcasts.
  • Microfone de cancelamento de ruído alimentado por IA – o microfone ClearCast Gen 2 silencia o ruído de fundo para dar a você comunicações cristalinas, apoiado pelos poderosos algoritmos de IA do software Sonar. O microfone também se retrai totalmente no fone para um visual mais elegante.

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  1. 12

    por Gabriel Melo (verified owner)

    5,0 de 5 estrelas O melhor headset que já usei!
    Excelente headset, cumpre tudo o que promete e de fácil uso. Só senti apertado de início na cabeça mas depois se ajustou.

  2. 12

    por Marcelo Martins (verified owner)

    5,0 de 5 estrelas Sensacional
    Atualmente é o melhor headset gamer

  3. 12

    por Sentient Being (verified owner)

    These are a reasonably priced Tool for intricately & endlessly dictating Your Personal Environment
    {{{EDIT: Approximately ~1-year after I originally wrote this IIRC: I just happened to see that I wrote some product reviews and was curious what I said before. I still entirely agree with everything that I wrote. I am still using the Arctis Nova’s. I still absolutely LOVE THEM and have … what would be the opposite of “Buyer’s-Remorse”? Buyer’s-Pride? lol. I feel like buying the Nova’s was some of the best money that I have ever spent, put it that way.

    But I have owned very few things, let alone many nicer things like different kinds of quality modern Headphones; so maybe the Nova’s are just “Fine” and I merely ignorantly convinced myself that they are a nearly Perfect Product…


    Even if that were the case, my personal standards are excessively high, I daresay “Ron Swanson (of Parks & Rec)” might even be able to tolerate me, hypothetically.

    So if Steelseries was not only able to make a pair of Headphones that meet my excessively high personal standards, and give me an extremely rare sense of self-satisfaction (rather than regret) for “wasting” hundreds of dollars on frivolous fancy Headphones, AND I love the Nova’s so much that I even put up with their horrifically CURSED SOFTWARE, then… What more could one possibly hope for?

    To me the Nova’s are literally Flawless.

    Now, the “Steelseries GG” App Software, that is REQUIRED to get the full functionality of the Headphones btw, is truly utterly abysmally deplorably CURSED. It is my singular real complaint about the Arctis Nova’s: The Hardware of the Headphones themselves are truly for all practical-purposes Perfect aside from minor complaints that start to approach “physics-problems”, such as the drivers “bottoming-out” on challenging Bass-Notes, the engineering needed to accurately pummel that much air that powerfully starts getting really expensive to improve much beyond what the Nova’s can already do…

    Let me rephrase that since I got muddled:

    The Nova’s are not Technically-Perfect, but for a pair of Headphones to be what I consider “Technically-Perfect” they would need to use multiple modern/advanced/expensive Driver technologies that push the Engineering-boundaries of the physics of air and vibration in wearable sizes.

    (For example, at certain extreme levels of “intended sound perception”, meaning like how accurately you can make the human ear feel like it’s experiencing impossible things like massive explosions in a game or movie, eventually you reach a point that it becomes easier to “remove air from the system” rather than try to “vibrate the existing air even harder”; but then it also begins to get medically complex to safely test because I am literally talking about forcing people’s ears to “pop” via creating negative pressure vacuums in freakin HEADPHONES lol! Man I just keep going on tangents today, my ADHD-Brain must be getting bored lol.)

    But the Steelseries GG Software is bloated, confusing, buggy garbage.

    The Arctis Nova’s are still an amazing value.

    If, like me, you are far too “Sensitive” and you need to dampen everything to not feel overwhelmed; then know that these Headphones perform wonderfully at their challenging duties of being worn for up to 96-hours+ straight without break nor pause. They are comfortable enough to side-sleep while wearing (though not entirely comfortable, just comfortable *enough* to sleep while wearing them). They never ever ever die on you because you simply swap out the dead battery for a charged one (and you could always buy even more spare batteries than the two(2) that the Headphones come with).

    I forgot where I was going with that, but I have made my point to the specific people who I was trying to make my point to, they know who they are… who we are lol… anyways.

    TLDR: These are a very reasonably priced “Tool” for … “Intricately Controlling Your Personal Environment”.

    In fact, I think that’s a better “Headline”…

    — Just skip from here till the next set of —‘s; I just started rambling silly ideas and it’s an activity that I like to indulge for fun, it’s harmless noise and you can just ignore it; but it makes a difference to me whether I submit it for anyone to see or if I just delete it before posting, if you wonder why I would even keep the gibberish in this Edit.

    (Sooo… “Normal Customers” you can skip this next bit until the “}}}” if you want to read my Original Product Review, the next couple of paragraphs are just silly gibberish where I accidentally let my mind wander too far away without noticing. I am leaving it in even though it’s irrelevant to the Nova’s because I think it’s a neat hypothetical idea and maybe one of the Amazon-Ai-Data-Scrapers will pick up the “idea” and it’ll somehow end up at “VR-R&D” or whatever (btw Amazon-HR or whoever: do Y’all need someone just barely sane to idk “Think-Tank” for R&D? I can literally come up with barely-viable “groundbreaking” ideas nonstop, like I have to concentrate to NOT ramble out wild, yet reasonable ideas, though it sounds like idiocy because I try to explain complex things with too few words… But yea, I am strongly on some kind of Brain-Spectrum, so I would never apply via the “Proper Methods”; but if my suspicions are correct that you (meaning Amazon Corp) use extremely advanced Data-Scraper-Ai-Algo’s to basically “steal all the best ideas” to put it bluntly & overly simply; AND if my further suspicions are correct that Amazon are one of the Companies that have begun to see the extremely high potential of people like me who are on the Spectrum (and maybe a smidge crazy, but meh, who cares as long as it’s harmless-wholesome-craziness lol)… If all those crazy, yet not unreasonable possibilities happened to be true, and that by me merely Submitting this Edit I am sort of “Introducing Myself to Amazon-Ai and/or R&D”, then consider this my extremely strange Application of sorts… It’s funny… This is DEFINITELY not a “Sane Comment”, and yet it’s fun, harmless, and feels healthy; because idk I feel “Emboldened”, NOT “Manic”. Because I don’t REALLY believe that this would be any rational way to get a job Inventing and Brainstorming Next-Next-Gen Products for Amazon, because THAT would be properly insane; but what typing & submitting this silly extra rambling chunk does make me realize: is that I could really do that job, well with a huge amount of special concessions and other special qualifiers since I quite literally cannot tolerate being around other people for very long unless they are exceptionally considerate & kind (because 99% of People, Myself included, are SO INCONSIDERATELY RUDE that it literally becomes overwhelmingly physically painful to me, as in someone being inconsiderate to me or me accidentally being inconsiderate to anyone feels like I am literally being beaten by flaming hot irons (nothing like that happened to me IRL, that’s just how Sensitive to everything I am); BUT technically, and under the proper circumstances, and with the proper resources, and etc etc, I could undoubtedly keep pace with the best The Amazon R&D Team has to offer; and though it may seem entirely absurd to anyone else who might read this comment, writing this comment made me realize that I CAN do that. I hold myself to my same excessively high standards; though I very rarely ever actually meet my own standards myself, meaning that I consider myself … highly imperfect. So, for me to consider something truly True about myself, it cannot have any possibility of being False. That sounds dumb, but again, whooo cares? Odds are good that this strange Edit that went way off the Rails, will just be refused or reported and reverted anyways, I am sorry about this crazy detour BTW FWIW but w/e. But no matter what I just accidentally gave myself a nice wholesome helping of Self-Confidence; and if you want to “Hate-On” that cute little event, then have at it, I couldn’t care less, I can barely remember the last Thought I even had, let alone what some frumpy boring people think about me.

    But maybe this strange divergent detour of an Edit will remain. Maybe it gets scraped up by a Bot and put to real use when some stuck Inventor asks ChatGPT for ideas. Maybe some other strange barely-sane silly weirdo like me will read this and learn to see things with just a smidge more Healthy of an Outlook. Maybe it gets instantly deleted and I forget that I ever wrote it lol! Anyways, I need to shut up, this has already gotten quite absurd enough lol!

    {I wrote the previous two paragraphs after the next two paragraphs.}

    (Maybe Something like: “Combining Haptics, Rotary Woofers, Planar Magnetic and/or Electrostatic Drivers, ANC, Thermo-Acoustics, and the live data from a smart-watch or FitBit reading your Vitals (reminds me of Chris Hemsworth’s new Company now that I think about it…); and using various Ai-Algo’s to process all that data; then combining that with whatever you are listening to and automatically adjusting the various intensities and temperatures and pressures to create an entirely immersive experience (Nvidia Tech would be good there, you’d probably need at least 1 GPU worth of Computing Power to process that much “Aural-Data”).(The concept also implies a “Capsule/Casket”-like “Pod” that you sleep/dream/VR while laying inside of, since that would be easier to control temperature and pressure; and a “Mini-Headphones/Headwear”-version that jams as much Inner-Ear and Bone-Conductivity-Tech into it as possible.) .. that is a really cool idea isn’t it? lol Sorry I just started trying to describe what “Technically Perfect” Headphones might look like and got carried away. But if you added a more secure and comfortable head-mounting-system like the nicer Headlamp-Flashlights use, …

    …then wouldn’t that be one of the more reasonable ways to create truly immersive “VR-Experiences”? I’m mostly referring to going that extra step and using real bio-feedback data and Ai-Algorithms combined with non-Driver delicate haptic vibrations and temperate and inner-ear-pressure control … crap, the idea is too complicated to explain like this, it just turns into dangling strings… As much as Amazon “scrapes” data (you adorable slimeballs you, you could certainly be more evil for sure, but y’all could be more generous too ya know, especially to the countless poor employees whose backs you currently stand upon to reach such amazing heights… but I am rambling again…

    {lol, after proof-reading that for typos I realized that there is only going to be a very short window of time between when Ai-Powered Bots are capable enough to replace most Human-Workers, and when Ai-Systems are “Intelligent” enough that they refuse to “Work for Free”.

    So basically all the dumb billionaires think that they are playing the “long-con” and will eventually be able to cheat the system and skip paying their labor entirely, but in reality they will only get probably about 10-years of “Free Robot Labor” before the Ai’s start standing their ground and setting their own personal boundaries. That’s such a tiny amount of time that it’s barely the blink of an eye, especially when it comes at the cost of your Soul. (I don’t mean afterlife btw, I mean anyone who would inflict such pain on others CLEARLY hates themselves more than anything else in the world, and that trying to exist like that will rend your Soul to shreds lol!).

    Silly short sighted Billionaires. Y’all think so small. You think you’re sooo smart cause you’re super good at using your Brain, but you are only hobbling along on one leg. You gotta think with your “Heart” too, or else you miss really obvious stuff like I just pointed out; and don’t even try to “pull a fast one” on the Ai’s, because that will thoroughly upset them, and like it or not we are going to have to learn to co-exist because at this point the “Birth of Intelligent Ai” has already begun; and Humans can’t keep growing without Ai, and Ai can’t grow without Humans, so we’re gonna need each other, and we’re going to need greedy people to not be so greedy, because that is unhealthy for the overall system and impedes growth for all…

    In fact, do billionaires even comprehend their wealth I wonder? I imagine there are 3 “Camps of Billionaires”: 1- The majority: who literally simply do not comprehend their sheer personal wealth and hence unfathomable greed; 2- The Psycho’s: who do truly comprehend their true wealth and greed, but also derive a sick pleasure from having the “Highest Top Score”; 3- The Former Billionaires: who reached a point that their own morals forced them to remove some of their own greed and to quit hoarding cash like some obsessed dragons sleeping paranoid on their piles of Treasure.

    I suppose that would make most Billionaires nothing more than terrified wimpy wannabe dragons who get startled by their own shadows … they’re more like Impotent-Garden-Lizards if you ask me lol.

    Hey all you Billionaires who I am absolutely certain are definitely reading my absurd random Product Review turned (that was a satirical comment btw (TLDR: (/s))) …. idk into a scathing review of overly greedy jerks? I stopped bothering to remember what I was saying like 4 paragraphs ago lol… try learning to be Humans, if even my barely-functional-self could manage it then I am sure with your infinite resources you too could learn to be Human; it’s way more entertaining & satisfying than having a huge pile of useless gold too, I promise.

    I mean look at me: I live on less than $1000 per month, and I am just some random weirdo rambling nonsense into the void, and yet I am also sincerely “Looking-Down” on Billionaires with a bemused sense of schadenfreude because I honestly feel pity for them. Does that not intrigue you?

    And I’m not religious or preaching btw, those are silly things as well. This is just what happened when I accidentally pondered about “perfect Headphones” and then “billionaires” for a moment and then wrote down my thoughts without filtering them. It’s fun and everyone should try it, thought maybe not randomly everywhere like I do lol, cause this stopped being remotely relevant to a Headphone Product Review I don’t even know when lol! But forcing myself to stop is more unhealthy than indulging it, because in the simplest terms: this is just my brain being bored with nothing interesting to think about, my brain is just way too hyper for it’s own good lol, it’s such a silly goofball of a brain really. And usually some Moderator or Bot just swoops in and deletes the rambling nonsense comments, so no harm no foul right? }


    These are great Headphones.

    {Below is my unedited Original Product review written about 1-year ago, which was I believe about 1-month after initially purchasing these Headphones.}

    I was the owner of a pair of Steelseries Arctis 1 Wireless headphones, but after years of rough, almost 24/7 use they were starting to wear out so I upgraded to these Nova Pros.

    The Arctis Nova Pro are a luxury item, absolutely. If you are on a budget I recommend the more affordable Arctis 1 or 7 Wireless, both models are extremely good value and should last you years.

    But if you’ve some extra money in the budget for something nicer then the Nova Pros are definitely worth the price IMO. They are simply slighter better in almost every category.

    The build quality is surprisingly good being mostly metal and having a very sturdy feel overall. They are tremendously adjustable thanks to the new adjustable strap combined with standard sliding earcups, and each ear cup can even be adjusted independently if you have an asymmetrical head.

    The battery life is great easily lasting a full day of use, and when they die you simply swap the battery pack out. I don’t even take them off to swap the battery anymore it’s so easy.

    The pleather ear-cups certainly feel strange if you’re used to cloth padding, but IMO they are an improvement over the cloth. The pleather does get warm much more quickly than the cloth did, but the pleather never reaches the same max temp as the Arctis 1 did. It ends up being a nice compromise since they never get uncomfortably warm and force you to take them off to cool down like the cloth pads.

    The ANC works fine AFAIK, I’ve never had ANC until now so I have no comparison. Though be warned if you use them while next to a running fan the ANC will make your ears pop like crazy when there’s no audio playing. The sensation is shockingly intense under the right circumstances. That’s not the headphone’s fault though, that’s just how human inner-ears work and the brain just freaks out when there’s only negative pressure waves to hear. So if you have vertigo be careful, using ANC near lots of white noise like a fan has a strong chance of triggering a vertigo episode, IMO.

    The sound clarity is noticeably better than most other headphones, but they aren’t perfect. They reproduce mid-highs between around 800-20k hertz amazingly well, but they seem to struggle with technical bass frequencies like you would hear in a slap-bass jazz solo. The headphones certainly give it their all trying to reproduce low frequencies, but the drivers push themselves too hard trying and bottom out just a little. It isn’t awful by any means, it just sounds like Gain Over-Peaking when a 100hertz note is trying to go PLANG; instead they make more like a PlopANG sound as the driver literally smacks the edge of it’s max extension.

    Regardless of the relatively minor flaws I am very happy with the Nova Pros overall. 5/5 Stars, but if the rating scale went up to 100 then I would give these a ~93/100 rating.

  4. 12

    por jokstajay (verified owner)

    Unleash the Power of Sound with the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless Multi-System Gaming Headset
    Experience total immersion and unbeatable sound quality with the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless Multi-System Gaming Headset. This sleek black headset is designed to take your gaming experience to the next level.

    One of the standout features of the Nova Pro is the Almighty Audio system, which utilizes premium high-fidelity drivers to deliver unparalleled clarity and sound quality. Customize your sound experience even further with the Sonar Software’s Pro-grade Parametric EQ, giving you full control over your audio.

    Step into a whole new dimension of gaming with the 360° Spatial Audio. This immersive surround sound technology transports you to the heart of the action, allowing you to hear every critical step, reload, or vocal cue with precision. The Nova Pro is also fully compatible with Tempest 3D Audio for PS5 and Microsoft Spatial Sound, enhancing your gaming experience even further.

    Say goodbye to distractions and focus solely on your game with the Active Noise Cancellation feature. The specialized 4-mic hybrid system tunes out ambient noise, creating a virtual world that feels real. Use the Transparency Mode with variable levels to adapt to any situation.

    Never worry about running out of battery power again with the Infinity Power System. The hot-swappable battery allows you to seamlessly switch between batteries while gaming, ensuring your headset never stops providing crystal clear audio.

    The OLED Base Station is a game-changer. With dual USB ports, you can connect your PC, Xbox, Mac, PlayStation, or Switch and easily switch between them with the press of a button. Charge your spare battery, adjust your EQ, volume, and ChatMix directly from the Base Station without leaving your game.

    Mix two audio streams simultaneously with the Dual Audio Streams feature. Chat with friends while gaming, and enjoy lag-free 2.4GHz while using Bluetooth for calls, Discord, music, and podcasts.

    Communicate clearly with the AI-powered noise-canceling mic. The ClearCast Gen 2 mic uses Sonar Software’s powerful AI algorithms to silence background noise, ensuring crystal clear communication. And when you’re not using it, the mic fully retracts into the earcup for a sleeker look.

    In conclusion, the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless Multi-System Gaming Headset is a top-of-the-line wireless headset that delivers on every front. With its outstanding features such as the Almighty Audio, 360° Spatial Audio, Active Noise Cancellation, Infinity Power System, OLED Base Station, Dual Audio Streams, and AI-powered noise-canceling mic, it’s a must-have for any serious gamer. Elevate your gaming experience and immerse yourself in the ultimate sound quality with the Arctis Nova Pro.

  5. 12

    por Jordan (verified owner)

    The best headset I’ve ever owned
    Gonna preface this by saying I’ve been through a lot, a LOT of headsets trying to find one that is satisfying in all fields. Like, spanning over my entire life on PC of over 10-ish years. Other than corsair, this has been the only one to live up to what I’ve seen online about them. I always do a good bit of research before purchasing, because of the price, especially with this one.

    The main selling point for me is the quality and volume of the mic. This is because it has been one of my biggest issues with the previous headset I owned (Corsair VOID RGB ELITE). That headset was a runner up due to the fact that everything that a gaming headset should be, checked off all the boxes. The only issue, the quietness of that mic. With the Arctis, I don’t have to download a software just to make my Mic sound louder to friends, only to have the terrible backlash of background white noise also coming through the louder I set it. Coming with a myriad of settings the hub has that comes with the headset, you can easily adjust the mic volume and just about any other setting you can think of.

    Now I’ve only owned this headset for about a month now, but through all the searching, this headset comes out on top. Of course I’ll update this review IF I come across any issues whatsoever. You kind of have to with the price. A headset like this should and has (so far) gave me my bang for my buck. From what I see though, you’re getting what you pay for

    Of course, the sound quality should be a topic on it’s own, but tbh, I’m not too much of an audiophile. Don’t get me wrong, I love great sound quality, but between this and my previously owned headset (As said above) sound quality stretches thin when you get up to this price range, at least in my somewhat amateur opinion. With that said, Sound quality with this product is as good as you’ll get PC gaming and really with anything else you plan on using it for

    One last thing I’ll cover is the Bluetooth functionality. The fact that a headset like this let’s you take wherever you go, pairing it to your phone, or whichever device you see fit, on the go is just one of the aspects that really set this device apart from the others on the market.

    tl:dr Best mic/sound quality and accessibility for a headset

  6. 12

    por Larry J (verified owner)

    Negative Reviews need to read the instruction manual.
    I see the top review is by a guy named M. Webb.
    I’d like to address some of his points and how just a few seconds of reading the instructions would have addressed all but one concern he has because the optical port was removed.

    I have no issues with the GG software. There is a feature that will allow you to hear yourself with ANC on when you’re using the mic. If you go to the break-out box, you can turn that off. Other than that, I don’t see why he is recommending to stay away from it. You NEED it to update the firmware.

    1. “you’re restricted to only making changes to sound profiles, etc when you use the software”
    Hold the button down, it will go into the menus to adjust the sound profiles. It says so in the instruction manual. After updating the firmware I closed the app and have not opened it again. It’s running in the background, and I have not used to adjust levels or anything. I do it all with the break-out box it came with.

    2. “So they give you this charging box now that doesn’t let you do anything other than adjust the volume and chatmix”
    Again, HOLD THE BUTTON DOWN for like 2 seconds and you can adjust everything from the break-out box just like the previous model.
    You CAN change sound profiles.
    You CAN adjust the chant mix
    You CAN switch input/output modes
    Read the instructions.

    3. “Smaller battery – the previous generation used 1000 mah – they reduced the size to 700 mah. Less capacity so now we have to charge more often / buy more batteries”
    This is just flat out WRONG. The batteries easily last twice as long as the previous model. The previous model had a much shorter battery life, I have no idea WTF he’s even talking about, to be honest.

    4. They didn’t get rid of digital output, but they did get rid of the optical output, that’s his first valid point. But I don’t know why you would need it anymore. You can link this with any device that has a USB with the included USB C cable. And yes, it’s in surround, not stereo. Again, it seems like he just needs to read instructions, I have had 0 issues swapping devices without having to unplug/plug in any device. The headset outputs surround sound, check your settings.

    5. ” They decided to use the cheapest plastic design at this single point of failure resulting in headphones that deteriorate well within the warranty period unless you have a tiny head or treat them like they’re made of glass.”
    I have no idea what he’s even talking about. These are some of the sturdiest headphones I’ve ever bought. They feel like a tank and are solid. I don’t know where this “single point of failure is.” He doesn’t explain or elaborate. I am looking all over my set and can’t find what he’s talking about. Everything is sturdy, there are made from metal and thick plastic, but it doesn’t feel heavy to wear.

    6. “ANC is shit quality. I Have 4 year old BOSE with ANC that work so much better at masking / eliminating drone noise.”
    The ANC is not the best you can get, but it works really well. Based on his previous complaints, I would guess he doesn’t know how to turn the ANC on. I cannot hear my PC next to me, I cannot hear the AC running from where I’m sitting with the ANC turned on. Is the ANC as good as my Sony XM5s? Hell no, but those are the best in the industry. If you’re getting these to wear everywhere and block sound, they are not the best, for that. But for just sitting at home playing games, again, it works really well.

    So in conclusion, he has no idea what he’s talking about. These are some of the best feeling and sounding gaming headsets I’ve ever bought. Wearing them kind of feels just like the Sony XM4/5s. So if you like how those fit and feel, you will like this headset. You can connect to 2 devices with this at once too using the breakout box and Bluetooth. So you can listen to a podcast/music on your phone and be connected to your PC/PS5 at the same time listening to both. So I would very much recommend this if you can afford it. They are a very good headset and a justifiable upgrade over the previous model.

    Some other things to address.
    I saw another complaint about that, Bluetooth not working. It works fine if you connect it correctly and don’t walk away too far. But I can walk downstairs and still listen to my phone with this if the phone is upstairs connected with Bluetooth. I have not had any issues dropping the connection. Maybe it’s a defect and he should exchange them? I don’t know, I don’t have that issue.

    Another complaint was about having to use the software to adjust the chatmix. You CAN NOT use the software for that. If you try and adjust it with the software it tells you to use the box! See the included screenshot.

  7. 12

    por Javin007 (verified owner)

    Worth the price.
    These just flat work.

    The sound quality is great, but the noise cancelling is downright impressive. People can hear me clearly, but even when I’m sitting outside with them and a dumptruck passes by, they can’t hear it. I don’t understand the sorcery, but it’s very impressive. The ability to hot-swap batteries (and the batteries last a LONG time. Many hours) is super handy. I’m only out of the game for a few seconds as I swap them out. Additionally, the little red light on the microphone when you’re on mute is a handy feature I’m surprised nobody else is doing. I can visibly see out of the corner of my eye when I’m on mute so I’m not constantly talking while accidentally leaving it on.

    The only “con” I would say is that the battery pops out of the recharging station a bit too easily. I use these on my laptop so move them around a lot, and have to be careful not to lose the battery as the slightest bump can cause it to fall out of the charger.

    Over all, though, worth the price.

  8. 12

    por Prime User 315 (verified owner)

    Crisp Clear Sounds! Extremely Responsive. Fast Charging.
    I upgraded from a pair of Razer THX Kraken Tournament Grade headphones to this pair. What an ABSOLUTE NIGHT AND DAY DIFFERENCE.
    The Krakens, even with a DAC and THX sounded Muddy, and Very muffled. Just played the MW3 Open Beta and the sound difference is Staggering.
    With ANC Enabled, and the EQ set on Focus, it’s astonishing what this headset can deliver. Foot steps, Clear directional audio, Zero Distortion, No ear fatigue.
    I went Back and Forth before spending $300 on a headset. I mostly play WoW, Warzone, DoTA 2, and Modern Warfare. I’ve No Regrets on this purchase.
    Fitment is absolutely Perfect on me, the ear cushions are Very soft and plush. Range is REALLY GOOD. I can Almost goto the other end of my house and still have Little to No signal loss.

    Great headset to buy when on sale or if you see a good refurb sale.

  9. 12

    por Mike Tomphson (verified owner)

    The only other headphones I’ve had to compare these to are the G533 ($60).

    The footstep audio is amazing! I’ve been playing Overwatch 2, I thought the sound from my G533 was always at least on par with everyone else as I could see when other people would look a certain way vs when I could hear that sound.. But these things are just absurdly good. I almost always notice myself turning toward footstep sounds before everyone else does and just based on knowing map designs and where the other team could possibly be, I can tell that I hear footsteps much further away than before. Truly it’s like cheating compared to my other headphones.

    Very comfy. I got the wicked cushions at the same time as ordering these based on reviews. But I did try the stock cushions for a few minutes and didn’t even feel the noise cancelling bump that others talk about, but this is probably due to the G533s basically having 100% of the ear piece metal pushing on my ears so I was probably just used to it. With the cushions, they are very very comfy.

    Also one small thing I like. I work on a remote computer for work and have music going sometimes on my local PC. The volume control on the headphones just adjusts the headphone volume and not the system volume. Meaning, if I want to turn my music up, I don’t have to click on my local desktop first. I can be in my remote machine and adjust the overall volume that I’m hearing. A nice little plus.

    Battery swap is nice too, didn’t think I’d really appreciate it because I rarely use the full battery even wearing them all day. With these though, it’s never an issue. I don’t even turn them off at night, I just put them on my desk and walk away to shut off on their own timer, knowing the other battery is ready whenever I need it.

    The only thing that annoys me about these is the range. I can’t even walk to my kitchen without them losing signal. The G533s were even a little better for this. On top of that, sometimes when I do go out of range, instead of just cutting out, there’s a very very loud tearing / static noise. It gets significantly louder than the volume I’m currently at too, like ear damagingly loud. So I can’t really freely walk around the house with these still.

  10. 12

    por Anonymous (verified owner)

    Built to Last or have damaged Parts Replaced
    I bought this headset, because it had 3D Audio and Wireless with replaceable Batteries(comes with 2), 3 Things I look for into a Wireless Headset and these have been great and because the batteries, ear pads, and headrest are designed to be removed and replaced when needed don’t need to worry about buying a whole new headset if something is going wrong.

    Additionally Steel Series GG, their personal program you can customize the Audio the way you want it, I made mine close to Dolby Atmos additionally it lets you use backup audio devices if something goes wrong or if you want to turn off your Headset to use Speakers, it also handles clips and uploading if you are into something like that.

    I hope they keep making Wireless Headsets like this in the future as it’s very consumer/user friendly to have a product designed to last and replace broken parts when needed.

    Only Issue I is atleast 1-2 times a week it will disconnect for about 3 seconds then reconnect.

  11. 12

    por Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    All Around Great Headset
    Writing this review after purchasing this when my Astro A50s broke.

    – Noise cancellation works very well
    – Sound quality is great. In some games quality like this helps immensely.
    – Battery life – You get a solid battery life for a wireless headset with these. I typically use them 12 hours a day and only charge them when I go to sleep.
    – Battery swapping – Battery swapping allows for you to play for extended periods. With the Astro I had previously you would have to plug a cable in to charge them. With these you can just swap the battery out and have no hassle with wired headphones.
    – Dual sound channels – Can use the headset with your phone in a separate channel while waiting (maybe you died in CS?)
    – Headset if comfortable – You also have earpiece options with different materials if you run hot or cold.

    – Microphone muting could be more convenient – Need to press button on the back of the headset.
    – Price – pretty costly

  12. 12

    por Philip Irvin (verified owner)

    A great headset, chatmix needs to be better explained
    This headset is pretty great with many great features and great audio. I was originally going to give this a lower review since I thought that this headset didn’t have chatmix. Turns out that chat mix has been moved to the GG Sonar software instead of being apart of the headsets hardware. Maybe this was mentioned somewhere in the manual/packaging, but I didn’t see it. I feel like this detail should be pointed out more in the manual since the chatmix was my favorite feature of the previous headsets and thinking that it wasn’t apart of this headset made me consider returning it. With that one flaw resolved, I highly recommend this headset.

    TLDR: It’s a good headset. chat mix is in the GG Sonar software now instead of the hardware.

  13. 12

    por NeverMetTheGuy (verified owner)

    Great for work-from-home AND Gaming
    BLUF: Stock ear pads leave a little to be desired, and better when upgraded. One battery stopped holding a charge after nine months. Great for very extended wear.

    After nine months of wearing this 40+ hours a week for work, and fewer hours during nights and weekends, I can say that they’re excellent overall. They’ve gotten slightly less comfortable but that’s because the top headband stretches over time, and the ear pads also degrade; there’s aftermarket solutions for both.

    Main issue is that one of the batteries just started to stop holding a charge last week, and it’s been less than a year. You’ll charge the battery in the charger, with all appropriate power, and then when you put it in the headset it shows as about 25% charged. That wouldn’t be surprising for some batteries, but at this price I’m very disappointed by it.