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Headset com Fio SteelSeries Arctis 1 – Microfone ClearCast Removível – para Xbox, PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch e Lite, Mobile

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  • Projetado para Xbox e compatível com todas as plataformas de jogos, incluindo PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch e Lite e Mobile por meio do conector universal de 3,5 milímetros
  • Apresentando a mesma paisagem sonora característica da linha premiada Arctis, enfatizando sons sutis, mas essenciais para dar a você uma vantagem de áudio
  • O microfone removível ClearCast com cancelamento de ruído oferece clareza de som natural e é certificado para discord
  • Faixa de cabeça ajustável reforçada com aço para um ajuste perfeito e durabilidade longa
  • Perfeito para onde você estiver, com um design elegante e discreto, microfone removível e fones de ouvido dobráveis

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11 Reviews para este produto

  1. 10

    por DÊNISON SANTOS (verified owner)

    5,0 de 5 estrelas Excelente opção para Xbox One / Series S/X
    Primeiro Headset que adquiro da Steelseries e realmente posso dizer que é um produto Premium em todos os aspectos.

  2. 10

    por Gaurav (verified owner)

    Great headphones overall but faced a mic issue months after the purchase
    I purchased these headphones in April 2022 and the mic on it stopped working suddenly in December 2022 and I literally searched all over the internet to get a replacement mic from anyone who deals for steelseries in india, found a company named techxhub, tried contacting them but no response, contacted steelseries support on steelseries official website and they told me that they do not ship to india otherwise they would have sent me a replacement mic for my headphones, hard luck i guess but then i contacted amazon and hats off to Amazon service they really care about their customers and they took the headphones back from me and told me that I’ll get the full refund. But if I talk about the overall performance of these headphones I am pretty satisfied by the sound quality, the comfort and the overall experience was quite good actually but unfortunately steelseries not being prominent in india is a bummer.

  3. 10

    por Cliente Amazon (verified owner)

    buen sonido
    Los auriculares SteelSeries Arctis 1 para Xbox son unos auriculares gaming que ofrecen una gran calidad de sonido y comodidad¹. Según la marca, los Arctis 1 tienen exactamente los mismos controladores de audio que los Arctis 7, por lo que su sonido debería ser excelente para este rango de precios². Además, su micrófono ClearCast desmontable es muy útil y ofrece una buena calidad de voz¹.

    En cuanto a la comodidad, estos auriculares son muy ligeros y cómodos de llevar durante largas sesiones de juego³. La banda supraural única y fina y los drivers compactos hacen que estos auriculares sean muy cómodos y no pesen demasiado³.

    En general, los SteelSeries Arctis 1 para Xbox son una buena opción si buscas unos auriculares gaming con una buena calidad de sonido y comodidad⁴.

  4. 10

    por Rob (verified owner)

    Comfortable & Don’t Bleed Audio
    I record Youtube videos, and I’ve had headphones in the past where they bleed just enough audio that the microphone picks up some of the sound leaking out of the headphones (which is an editing nightmare).

    These ones don’t bleed audio.

    Their sound quality is excellent, and it’s easy to tell where enemies are coming from in Halo Infinite with their directional sound. But most importantly, they are super comfortable. The fabric ear pads keep you from getting clammy or sweaty during long periods of wearing them.

    I also love the built in mute and volume control on the headset that don’t require software integration, but is an actual hardware feature (nothing worse than a USB headphone that you “asked” to mute, but it never actually did it, so now your buddies get to hear you burp real loud in their ears).

    I will say that I don’t love the microphone quality though. It’s sufficient, but I have headsets with much better mics, so I almost always use this WITHOUT the microphone and instead use an external mic.

    So if you are buying this for the mic, I’d say it’s only a 3 star review. If you are buying it for the headphones, then it’s a solid 5!

  5. 10

    por Jhair (verified owner)

    Sonido increible y comodidad sin palabras!!!
    Estos audifonos son lo mejor, tenia uno de baja gama y pasarme a Steel Series y su Arctic 1 fue la mejor decisición, un sonido de alta fidelidad con una experiencia inmersiva en los juegos, que te dejara con la boca abierta y a un presio adsequible.

  6. 10

    por rainken (verified owner)

    Great sound
    Great sound and works well with Xbox and its rather comfortable it definitely dosent hurt my ears after prolonged use

  7. 10

    por Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Buety but…
    I bought this and It worked like a charm I loves it so much it’s a perfect size and one wired but 2 things 1 that it’s not noice cancelling at all and I can hear almost everything that’s going on and the second Is that the audio is just a teeny bit muffled other than that it’s nice

  8. 10

    por Rohm Panzo (verified owner)

    Great headset and audio, mic quality leaves a lot to be desired.
    Purchased this mainly for gaming on my PS5 and Xbox. Great audio sound for the price, and easy plug and play for both systems ( although for the Xbox there were a few sec delay before it actually switched to the headset). Love the ear cuffs as they are soft and very comfortable and covers the entirety of my ears. The band is also comfortable and doesn’t squeeze your head/face but it does tend to be a little warm on the top of the head so I ended up having to wipe off sweat a few times. This was for longer sessions, like over an hour of use but if you don’t have a/c or it’s a warm day it may cause discomfort.

    Now for why it’s not a 5 star – mic is horrible. It either doesn’t work or when it does it is faint and tinny. I’ve even tried it out on my pc with all my audio software to see if I could find the issue, but nope the mic is just either bad or defective. I would return it but got a good deal on Warehouse and bought it mostly for the audio but keep that in mind. I’ve seen others report the same issues so it isn’t uncommon.

    All in all, after a few months of use it’s going strong and love the headset.

  9. 10

    por Roy Chan (verified owner)

    decent sound and good build quality
    no complains and you get what you paid for! good stuff!

  10. 10

    por Ross M (verified owner)

    Not as good as a turtle beach
    This is a good headset – but good is where it ends. It is comfortable and pretty lightweight but that’s about it for the pros.

    The downsides I found after 3 months of use, there is not enough clamping force – I know this is difficult to get get right as too much clamping force can make the headset uncomfortable to wear but in this case there is not enough, this means that you can’t really hear the bass or your surroundings as good as other headsets. But it’s brilliant if you squeeze the ear-cups to your head so they really let this one down with this simple mistake.

    The second is, you can’t really hear anything at all unless you’re using some sort of amplifier. I have been using this headset in conjunction with the turtle beach audio attachment as just plugging the headset directly into the controller means you really can’t hear anything. Maybe that’s bias as I’ve used the Audio controller for around the last 6 years but I struggle to not use it with this steel series Arctis 1.

    Lastly, after 3 months I’ve noticed a static sound coming through the headset as it appears the 3.5mm jack has some sort of wiring fault or loose connection which almost makes games unplayable due to the stats if sounds coming through the speakers. It has inky just started with this fault.

    Also I find the mic is just not as flexible as I have been used to and really struggle to set it out if my peripheral vision when gaming or streaming a movie. It’s really short and stiff. Just not a good design.

    In conclusion just buy a turtle beach, I’ve never had any issues with them in the past, I opted to try a different brand after being with turtle beach for the past 10+ years and I’ve made a mistake. It’s hard to beat the best in the business.

  11. 10

    por Sienna (verified owner)

    Pretty Normal Headphones
    The SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wired Gaming Headset offers a reliable sound experience for gaming enthusiasts. While it may not boast outstanding sound quality compared to higher-end models, it delivers consistent audio performance. The headset provides clear and immersive sound, allowing for an enjoyable gaming experience without distractions. With its comfortable design and decent audio output, it serves as a dependable choice for gamers seeking a budget-friendly option.