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Headset Razer Kaira Pro Wireless para Xbox Series X|S e PC – Titanium 50mm Drivers – Supercardioid Mic – Dedicated Mobile Mic – EQ and Xbox Pairing – Xbox Wireless and Bluetooth 5.0

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  • TRIFORCE TITANIUM 50MM DRIVERS — With titanium-coated diaphragms for added clarity, these cutting-edge drivers can tune highs, mids, and lows separately—producing brighter, clearer sound with richer trebles and more powerful bass
  • HYPERCLEAR SUPERCARDIOID MIC — With great rear and side noise rejection, the detachable 9.9mm mic also has a sensitive low frequency response—supported by mic monitoring and game/chat balance to ensure optimal levels
  • DEDICATED MOBILE MIC — Hidden in the headset is a second mic that works without the HYPERCLEAR CARDIOID MIC for convenient communication on the go or answering calls
  • BREATHABLE MEMORY FOAM EAR CUSHIONS — Using a fabric weave that doesn’t trap heat, the headset is easy on the ears, while its soft padded headband provides even more comfort to stay in peak form during gaming marathons
  • EQ AND XBOX PAIRING BUTTON — Tap twice to cycle through 4 EQ settings—such as FPS Mode that enhances in-game audio like enemy footsteps, and Bass Mode to amplify low frequency sounds / hold once to connect the headset to the console
  • DESIGNED FOR XBOX — Officially licensed and developed alongside Xbox to deliver the best gaming experience possible

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15 Reviews para este produto

  1. 14

    por Araujo (verified owner)

    5,0 de 5 estrelas Produto de excelente qualidade
    Adorei este fone sem fio, e os leds laterais que mudam de cor padrão rgb e o conforto do fone que é muito bom. Aqui nas proximidades de minha residência, não encontrei um produto com qualidade equivalente nesta faixa de preço.

  2. 14

    por Justin Case (verified owner)

    I love Razer but
    Where to begin, well to start this headset is wireless. It comes with a nylon charging cable and I use it with my Xbox series x. It has good sound, the earmuffs are comfortable on the ears and they play very well with directional sound in games like call of duty. Here is some important things that you need to know one is that you need to download the app, whether on PC or Xbox. It’s a necessity, whether to update drivers or just to set the sound levels to what you need for YOUR experience. Second is that on the rare occasion, you may drop connection. I don’t know why, it happens rarely. I can live with that , but the thing that bothers me to the point that I nearly returned these headphones, is where the volume Wheels are placed. You go to adjust your headset and accidentally touch one of the wheels and now the volume is maxed or completely silent. You turn up one wheel too much and you can’t hear the game chat. It’s annoying and could be fixed with the addition of a mixer amp or a plug in to your controller completely separate from the headphone. I hate that feature and it’s my biggest peeve about this headset. Sounds great. RGB lights are cool but unnecessary. Just the wheels for volume suck.

  3. 14

    por Manuel Garcia (verified owner)

    Calidad y precio
    Realmente un producto de enorme calidad y fácil configuración, iba a irme por la opción de unos stealth 600 gen 2, pero creo que estos los superan en todos los aspectos.. conexión bluetooth en cualquier dispositivo y al mismo precio cuando estos en realidad superan en precio y materiales a los stealth 700 (que estan al doble y con descuento)… son una belleza y lo de siempre con Amazon, llegaron antes de los esperado🫡

  4. 14

    por Kevin (verified owner)

    Xbox series x
    Me encantaron son muy cómodos se ajustan muy bien, uso lentes y no me molestaron, al momento de conectarlos al Xbox fue instantáneo no batalle nada, también los use al mismo tiempo en el celular para escuchar música y funciona de maravilla estoy muy feliz con la compra

  5. 14

    por MechJT (verified owner)

    Read a lot of reviews b4 buying.
    I have read a lot of reviews before buying this pair. This is the first pair I have bought for xbox series x that are wireless.

    Very clear sound. Very clear voice.

    Sound wasn’t right at first, but downloaded the xbox app for this headset and now I’m Golden!

    The best part about these headphones to me is I can mix music from my phone into the game and adjust volume multiple different ways to make even voice chat, game and my own music work in harmony!

    I just received these today but if anything changes I will update my review. As of right now I’m over excited to have this headset!

  6. 14

    por Oscar Castillo (verified owner)

    Buena calidad
    Excelente sonido , buena calidad de material , durabilidad de batería .. pero el único detalle es que aveces se batalla el microfono . Aún así la calidad de audio del micro es muy buena

  7. 14

    por Están muy bien para el precio que tienen, su compatibilidad con Xbox y la calidad, son una opción increíble (verified owner)

    La calidad es increíble
    Por el precio que tienen la calidad y funciones son excelentes

  8. 14

    por Fernando J. (verified owner)

    Ya llevo poco más de 1 año con ellos y puedo decir q la calidad de audio me sorprendió, la conectividad es de lo mejor. El único inconveniente es q a los 2 meses el micrófono empezó a fallar y era un problema de la entrada, pero de ahí nada más.

  9. 14

    por Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Good headset but I had 2 in a row with problems.
    There was alot to like about this headset, but some major issues that shouldnt exist in a 99 dollar mic. I ordered this mic, noticed some issues, so I exchanged it for another. Both had the same issues

    1. The mute button didnt work correctly. If I pressed the mute button, it wouldnt work. I would have two press it twice in rapid succession for it to work. Once I figured that out, I mean it was okay. But that shouldnt be happening, especially 2 different headsets in a row. Plus the mic has no mute indicator, so you could press mute, think you’re muted, but not be.

    2. The mic is removeable. There’s supposed to be a second mic that can works when you detach the remvable one. This second mic never worked for me. Didnt work on either of the 2 kaira pro’s i used.

    3. The mic always registers some noise. People in my xbox party would report a very faint sound. Some kind of feedback or static. So you always see your gamertag going (if in xbox live party) since it is always picking up a sound. There is a workaround, I believe you have to download an app and use that to change settings. It worked for me, but that hsouldnt be going on in the first place with a 100 headset.

    These issues existed on both of the mics I tried. Besides that, I really liked the mic. It was comfortable and met my needs. And was a great option for the 150-250+ dollar headset range. unfortunately it seems they have some firmware or quality control issues.

  10. 14

    por Patrick (verified owner)

    Decent for the price
    These work pretty well. The mic boom doesn’t hold perfect adjustment but it’s not in the way. When the battery gets low The audio makes a pulsing sound. For the price they’re great.

  11. 14

    por Cas3y (verified owner)

    Super comfortable.
    Painless association to an Xbox. If you’re buying it just for the Xbox, do yourself a favor and buy the other version without the Bluetooth functionality.

    I couldn’t find a way to use the Bluetooth without also powering on the Xbox when powering on the headset. My original intent was to use the Bluetooth for my TV, for when only my TV was going to be used.

  12. 14

    por Braldo11 (verified owner)

    Gadgety Average Jeadset
    Edit, Follow up.

    I liked the fit and finish. They feel like quality. I didn’t like the gadgety nature. I like the Bluetooth additional input to enable phone calls and bkg music whilst I game it up, The eq presets are awkward in use and easy to change inadvertently. Same with the master volume and channel split wheels. (Game audio/chat audio) In order to utilize all the features and eq that was advertised you need a computer to download firmware into the headset and an app for the computer. (ad says just internet connection) And you can’t use your Xbox, it must be a PC. The sound is on par with $100 headphones. They’re not the best for listening to music, but are more than adequate for gaming. I found the mic a bit sensitive. But by adjusting mic volume and game chat volume I found a sweet spot that I’m not getting background noise and my breathing while also hearing game chat and being heard but it took an hour of adjusting the game audio and the headset audio to do it. I feel sure if I changed games I would have to do it again. Also the ear cups swivel so you can lay the headset on your neck. This is one of the reasons I chose this headset and to my surprise, I found it more annoying than useful. When gaming, it doesn’t matter and when not gaming I take them off. That’s when they turn into this awkward object that flops around when you pick it up and has to be “arranged” to put over your ears.

    Bottom line, I bought them to use for gaming on my Xbox and for that they are quite adequate. The swiveling ear cups are a non-bonus and ended up annoying. The sound is okay for the price range and the mic is okay after you fiddle with it.

    1/10/23- Follow up. I’ve had this headset about a week and though I’ve “learned” where and what the buttons and wheels are, they’re still a little awkward. I gotta say though, I’m liking some of the gadgetry. It connects seamlessly (Bluetooth) to my other devices. TV, Phone, Siri. While remaining connected to the Xbox with their proprietary voodoo. So, while gaming I can hear and speak with team members while listening to my phone’s playlist and adjusting the volume and mix of all three on the fly. Oh, and take a phone call or have a text read to me and reply. I guess gadgety has it’s rewards. The battery and charging bit are annoying but only in that the battery lasts so long I forget about it and it starts asking for a charge which doesn’t really interrupt using it once I hook up the charging cable, which doesn’t seem to effect charging times if I’m using it while charging. 1 week in I’m happier than I was. Still wish the buttons and wheels weee more ergonomic tho.

  13. 14

    por cossan512 (verified owner)

    Potentially great, sadly the audio breaks up a lot.
    I really wanted to like these. The sound is good, they are comfortable and seem well made. Unfortunately the audio breaks up terribly every time I use them. I discovered that others have had the same issue which has not been fixed more that a year after the date of the online forum discussion I was reading. There seems to be an issue with RF interference. I use the Xbox elite V2 controller. Most people reporting this issue say they are also using the Elite V2. I am not sure if the controller part of the problem, it’s just what I have read from others reporting the exact same problem. I have also read of wireless gaming headsets having issues due to RF interference in general. Essentially what happens with these is that the audio starts breaking up, then increases breaking up until to sound is totally garbled. Then after a few minutes of that it will stop, and be ok for a while. Then it will start again.

    After reading about RF interference causing problems with wireless headsets, I took steps to minimize as much of that as possible by turning off the wifi on all devices other than my phone while using the headset. This improved the break up so that it only happens only for a few minutes after turning them on. The audio deteriorates until it is totally garbled, then I sometimes hear a beep, as if the head set has switched to another channel or something, and the audio problems go away for the rest of the time I am using them.

    I updated the firmware immediately after taking them out of the box. Also, interestingly, soon after I began to use them, my controller popped up with a needed update, which rarely happens. I don’t know if it was a patch to try to resolve the issues with this headset or just a coincidence. I have also heard strange sweeping high pitched sounds from this headset. Because of this I decided to return them. Also I will also note that the bluetooth connectivity is such that I must put my phone on maximum volume or the game audio will drown out the bluetooth audio.

    In comparison, I do not have any of these problems with the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2. Despite many reports that they are sensitive to RF interference, I have not had any audio problems the couple of days I have had them. I still turn off all unnecessary wifi signals while using them. I have had no problems with the app that controls them on iphone, though many have reported issues with it. The bluetooth audio is easy to mix with the game audio with my phone at around half volume. Also the battery life is much longer, and they are even more comfortable and seem just as well made or better. The xbox does not turn them off after you are done gaming, as it does on the Razer Kaira Pro, and you can continue listening without interruption. I am crossing my fingers my excellent experience with them will continue. This headset beats the Razer Kaira Pro in all respects if it continues to function without issue. I mention this for those who are looking for a bluetooth gaming headset, as there are only a few available for xbox, another being the microsoft headset.

  14. 14

    por Tech Dude (verified owner)

    This headset is…meh
    My thoughts after about 30 hours of testing:

    Easy to pair, easy to connect
    Bluetooth and XWP work simultaneously, great for listening to music or a podcast while gaming
    Earcups don’t get hot
    Volume and chat mixer controls on headset
    Xbox app for customizing is very nice

    Clamping force. They are much too tight on my head (I have a slightly larger than average noggin, but rarely have an issue with hats or headphones)

    Sound quality is mediocre. I have read so many reviews about how great the audio quality is, but honestly my cheap Turtle Beach X12s from 2011 sound better.

    Mic is overly sensitive. In game chat on COD it stays open all the time and creates a static noise for the others in my party. On party chat and discord it does better, but it still picks up breathing and button presses worse than anything I’ve ever used. It even picked up my wife sneezing downstairs! It also picks up my game sounds through the earcups. There is no reason for a headset mic to be this sensitive.

    Probably due to the sensitive mic, but anytime you touch the headset, it creates a loud thunking noise for the others in the party. The volume, chat mixer, and mute functions are all on the headset, so everytime you change your volume or mute your mic, it creates a thunk on the other end.

    Mic does not stay in place.

    Every time you turn the headset on, it turns the xbox on. If you want to use the bluetooth function by itself, you have to unplug the xbox or walk as far away from it as possible before turning them on. This turned out to be really annoying.

    I really wanted to like this headset. It ticks all the boxes for the features that I wanted in a headset, but in the end, I returned it. The middling sound quality coupled with that god-awful mic made it not worth keeping, even at such a good price. I ended up buying the Turtle Beach Earforce audio adapter instead. It plugs into the controller and adds volume, chat mixer, and mute buttons, and lets me use any pair of headphones I want. If you don’t absolutely have to have wireless, this is the best option I have found to get great sound quality AND audio controls.

  15. 14

    por S. K. (verified owner)

    be careful of limitations if using for bluetooth
    This review is for the Razer Kaira Pro. (The Pro version has bluetooth, whereas the regular does not.) I am not an audiophile, and I don’t make bluetooth phone calls, so I cannot comment on those aspects. However, I do find these headphones quite good regardless. I made sure to update the firmware before using it.

    It is a real game changer upgrading to a wireless headset. No need to worry about the headphone cable sticking out of the controller anymore. I play about 1-2 hours each day and just charge it once a week. By the end of the week the battery is around 60%. (battery level will be less as the battery ages) If you pair with bluetooth, it will report the battery level to your phone. The bluetooth feature is very handy for listening to music. It is especially useful casual games where there is no soundtrack or you don’t like the soundtrack. For example, I use the bluetooth feature to listen to music while playing Dirt 5 (a racing game). I can adjust the volume levels from the phone and the headset, so that I can get the optimal ratio between music volume level and xbox volume level. There is a small dial under the left of the headset to adjust volume, and another dial under the right side to adjust the chat mix.

    The chat mix dial is used to control the ratio between xbox game volume and xbox party chat volume. However, I don’t use xbox party chat much, so I use the chat mix dial to more finely tune the xbox game volume level. I had no complaints about my voice quality over xbox party chat. The microphone is detachable and has quite a hefty piece of foam attached to it.

    If you don’t like the colors on the sides (and maybe want to save some battery life), there is a headset setup app you can download on the xbox to turn off the lights and play with the equalization settings. I only used it to turn off the lights as I don’t like them.

    Some of the quirks:
    – Turning the headset on will turn on the xbox, and there is no way to avoid this unless you unplug the power from your xbox. Don’t unplug your xbox if it is an instant on mode. If it’s in instant on mode, you need to do a full shutdown from the settings/power options menu.
    – The headset will automatically turn off if you turn off your xbox
    – The USB-C charging port is a bit recessed, so not all USB-C cables will fit inside it. The headset box includes a braided USB-C cable. The USB-C cable and charger that came with my Pixel 3 phone work though.

    I am usually not a big fan of Razer as I think their products don’t last long, but here’s to hoping that Razer has improved since I last purchased anything from them.