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PowerA Nano Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox Series X|S – Lilac, portable, compact, gamepad, video game, gaming controller, works with Xbox One and Windows 10/11

R$ 323,20R$ 354,80

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  • Smaller and more portable than standard Xbox controllers
  • Two mappable Advanced Gaming Buttons
  • Features superior ergonomics and intuitive button layout
  • Immersive dual rumble motors
  • Standard 3.5mm stereo headset jack for in-game audio
  • Share Button to capture and share screenshots and clips
  • Officially licensed by Xbox for Xbox Series X|S and compatible with Xbox One and Windows 10/11
  • Two-year limited warranty

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Preto, Lilás

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22 Reviews para este produto

  1. 21

    por Matheus Dinéro Coelho (verified owner)

    5,0 de 5 estrelas Perfeito pra mao pequena
    controlezinho bacana e mt alta qualidade, sticks mt bons, um dos melhores dpad pra jogos 2d, gatilhos bem confortaveis e pegada perfeita pra qm tem mao pequena como eu, unico contra sao os botao de ombro (RB e LB) sao mt sensives, qualquer relada ja registra oo comando mas ja acostumei, recomendo mt

  2. 21

    por jack (verified owner)



  3. 21

    por devaux melanie (verified owner)

    J’apprécie particulièrement le câble (3 mètres!) qui est amovible. La manette est petite comparée à d’autres mais ça n’empêche pas une bonne prise en main. Je l’ai achetée un peu par hasard parce qu’il me fallait une manette et qu’elle était moins chère avec “Amazon seconde main” mais elle est parfaite et j’adore la couleur.

  4. 21

    por vandeneeckhoute (verified owner)

    Plus petite mais toute aussi efficace
    Attention cette manette est beaucoup plus petite. Il vous faudra un temps d adaptation. Mais remplit ses fonctions. Le câble est 👍 . Bon amusement

  5. 21

    por Tyra_Rose (verified owner)

    Great for smaller hands!
    I have smaller thumbs compared to most people so the normal sized controller were an issue for me, I was able to reach the left joystick just fine but had difficulties with the right one which also messed with my aim. I bought this controller and after testing it out they fitted perfectly! Big improvements on my aim! the bumpers and triggers also have faster clicking so it also made me react quicker in game! definitely recommend for kids or people with smaller hands in general!

  6. 21

    por a86 (verified owner)

    A tiny controller, solving big issues.
    If you are looking for a kids controller, or one for tiny hands, this is the controller for you. I have neuropathy and the beginning works of Rheumatoid Arthritis in my hands. Holding a larger controller works when I have stiffness in my hands, but gripping it requires more effort when you lack grip strength from inflammation. This tiny controller, for me, makes those difficult tasks of moving your fingers between the bumper and trigger a breeze. I need to “break it in” a bit, cause on first play, the buttons are a little stiff. Nothing a mod couldn’t fix.

  7. 21

    por Kimberly Rees (verified owner)

    Better for smaller adult hands.
    This smaller version of the least ergonomically designed game controller is better for small hands. The additional button on the back of the controller can be mapped to eliminate the contortionist moves needed to reach the topmost buttons. It’s still causing me some hand pain and making me reconsider upgrading the Xbox to a newer model. May go with a different platform with better controllers.

  8. 21

    por Lauren Addison (verified owner)

    Perfect for small hands
    Love this controller. Love the color and perfect for people like me with smaller hands. The regular one was hurting my hands. Wish it was cordless but not a huge deal.

  9. 21

    por Hagman95th (verified owner)

    Great Controller
    Brought this for my Grandson to play Lego Games on my PC fitted his hands perfectly. The standard X Box controller was to large.
    Great for smaller hands would definitely recommend.

  10. 21

    por Kait (verified owner)

    Toddler approved
    I bought this so my nephew could play skate 3 a bit more gracefully. He is literally 2 and this controller gives him a lot of control. At the same time, I have small hands and I find it comfortable. It’s this weirdly perfect size for all small hands. Anyways, we love it and the kid skates like a pro

  11. 21

    por Ariane de Melo Gomes (verified owner)

    5,0 de 5 estrelas Perfeito!!
    Entrega rápida e veio bem embalado!
    O controle é lindo, identifco a foto, ele só é um pouco menor do que o controle do Xbox original, mas eu adorei pq encaixa melhor na mão.

  12. 21

    por Lanfranco (verified owner)

    Forse un po piccolo
    Ormai è un mesetto che uso questo pad, mi ci sono trovato abbastanza bene unica pecca le dimensione, se avete le mani un po grandicelle evitatelo appunto per la ridotta stazza.
    apprezzatissimo il mese di gamepass gratis ma quella è una cosa apparte, parlando del pad vero e proprio qualità costruttiva senza infamia e senza lode, apprezzatissime le palette dietro
    consigliato ma occhio alle dimensioni

  13. 21

    por Cliente Amazon (verified owner)

    Semplice da utilizzare

  14. 21

    por Shafat (verified owner)

    Small in size but big on performance.
    It was delivered today. As expected, controller is quite small in size compared to normal Xbox controller.

    It was plug-in and play on Windows 11 and I am using it for playing Asphalt 9 Legends.

    Request to the Power A – Please improve your packaging of the product. The inside material that holds the controller looks very very cheap in quality given its price. Not every customer wants to throw away the box after unboxed.

  15. 21

    por Stephen RT (verified owner)

    Nano pad ideal for my stroke. Thanks.
    I have a problem.. I’m a gamer, who three years ago had a stroke.
    It is a problem for me but I’ve solved it on Switch and now I’ve just solved it on xbox with this brilliant little pad that I didn’t know existed up until two days ago!
    This Nano pad is awesome because I can pretty much control the whole thing with a bit of buttons being swapped round, it’s not perfect but it’s about 85 percent there which is for me absolutely spot on.
    Left hand, thumb controls the two sticks as well as all the buttons and it’s not easy but it is possible and made much easier via the xbox Nano pad, thanks Microsoft.

  16. 21

    por JenniSays (verified owner)

    More like EasyA
    It’s plug and play, fits my small hands, and comes in this lovely purple. I’ve been using it for a few weeks for PC games that are better suited to controller, and it’s just what I needed.

  17. 21

    por Engeline DiColandrea (verified owner)

    Good product
    I really don’t have any major complains about this product , it’s perfect for my 5 year old daughter, only real issue is the wire. Most of the time it’s ok but occasionally it disconnects for some reason and you got to unplug and plug back in . Other then that great starter controller for kids

  18. 21

    por Adriana (verified owner)

    Just Get It!
    This has been such a pleasure to use. My xbox came with the original controller and having to constantly replace batteries is frustrating. This one is also way more comfortable to hold and use.

  19. 21

    por muller philippe (verified owner)

    Petite mais costaud !!
    Manette nano très bonne prise en main pour des petites mains très pressise avec un câble de 3m interchangeable un peut long pour une utilisation PC , moi j’ai changé pour un de 1m80 suffisant pour mon utilisation !! Je recommande fortement

  20. 21

    por Hadriel (verified owner)

    Bonne manette
    Une bonne manette très compacte qui fait le taff

  21. 21

    por FedeSicu (verified owner)

    Ottimo prodotto

  22. 21

    por Gianluca C. (verified owner)

    Ottimo prodotto
    Più piccolo rispetto a quello originale che viene insieme alla console, ci potrebbe volere un po’ ad abituarsi, ma i tasti dietro sono comodi