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PDP Gaming Wired Controller: Ghost White – Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Xbox, Windows 10, 049-012-NA-CMWH – Xbox Series X

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  • Use the free PDP control hub app to re-map Buttons, re-configure triggers, adjust Dead zones, and more
  • Communicate with your team using the 3.5mm audio jack, and adjust volume on-the-fly with the audio controls located on the d-pad
  • Share your captured images and videos easily with the new dedicated share button
  • Includes detachable 8-foot cable
  • Officially Licensed by Xbox

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10 Reviews para este produto

  1. 09

    por Josenildo Sales da Silva (verified owner)

    4,0 de 5 estrelas Satisfeito e feliz
    Estamos contentes com esse produto

  2. 09

    por Mario (verified owner)

    5,0 de 5 estrelas Lindo demais
    Uma das melhores marcas para quem está procurando uma manete com melhor custo benefício

  3. 09

    por bLuF (verified owner)

    2,0 de 5 estrelas Qualidade
    Produto com baixa qualidade, menos de 2 meses o analógico esquerdo (LS) já começa a da drift.

  4. 09

    por Tawonga mtika (verified owner)

    Works just fine
    It was worth buying

  5. 09

    por 964 (verified owner)

    Funciona muy bien, es de buen material y los controles son suaves. Recomiendo

  6. 09

    por Jebem (verified owner)

    Excelente control para PC
    Muy cómodo y funciona perfecto para PC. Yo estoy enamorado de este control

  7. 09

    por Daniel C. (verified owner)

    Pleasantly Great Quality!
    I needed an affordable controller for PC gaming. If you’re looking at this review, it’s because you’re hoping to find a cheaper alternative to an xbox offical controller for either console or PC.

    Well, you might have just found it.

    It feels like a really good controller. It has that quality build pressence. It’s weighty, thick, and doesn’t feel like it’ll snap if you squeeze it too hard.

    The buttons and triggers are strong and responsive. I’ve had no lag from input, and the joysticks are very accurate. This was svery important to me, as I had brought a very cheap controller before this, and it was just awful, especially in the joysticks.

    It even has a handy little button that let’s you controller audio levels when a headset is connected. If the instruction manual doesn’t ention it, look it up online, it’s very useful.

    I’ve only got three complaints, and they’re minor.
    Firstly, the joystick squeaks a little bit. It’s probably from intense use, and it doesn’t affect gameplay at all. It’s just somethnig that’s a tiny tiny bit anoying and a little bit hilarious at the same time.

    Secondly, the cable. This is a wired controller, and it’s very generous in it’s length. But it’s a basic cable thatcan tangle easily if you don’t store the controller away carefully. As a tip, don’t tightly wrap the cable around the controller when not in use, you’ll regret it (though the resulting mess is fixable!).

    Thirdly, and THIS IS IMPORTANT! You might find that when using a headset on an xbox, you’ll generate massive feedback, and your friends will likely complain, as will your own ears. Simply unplug the controller from the console with the heafset still attached, plug it back in, and voila, no more horrible noise.

    I got this when the controller was discounted. And it’s serving me well. If you need a nice controller that does everything a standard controller can, then I definitely recommend it.

  8. 09

    por Kronem360 (verified owner)

    Es el segundo que compro y al igual que el anterior todo es perfecto. El anterior se lo regalé a mi hermano después de tenerlo 4 años sin problemas. Al conectarlo al pc con el cable usb suministrado con el mando el Pc lo reconoce al momento y actualiza los drivers sin problema automáticamente, un minuto después de conectarlo está listo para usarse. Lo uso en juegos de pc tipo shooters como call of duty, de aventuras como genshin impact o mi favorito shooter de aventuras fallout 3 fallout 76. Tambien lo uso en un mac mini como teclado de acceso rapido en un programa de dibujo (clip studio paint) En resumen el mando es simplemente perfecto. Sin latencia al ir por cable y el cable suficientemente largo para jugar con comodidad sin estar pegado a la pantalla. Tambien se puede usar en xbox. Se lo recomiendo a todo aquel al que las pilas y baterias le lleven por el camino de la amargura como a mi, tanto por el precio de las baterias que usan los mandos de xbox como las pilas que devora si no tienes batería.

  9. 09

    por Martyn (verified owner)

    Good for price
    Can break after a bit of use, but is definitely a good substitute if needed

  10. 09

    por Dblock111 (verified owner)

    Good for use but can suddenly stop working☹️
    This controller was helpful it is of a decent quality and worked well with my Xbox one console👍 It works as well as any other Xbox controller and is of a good price.
    But beware of it suddenly stop working as it happened to me🫠 it is very prone to controller drift and some controls may stop working.
    Overall it is a good controller for a shorter period of time.