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PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox Series X|S – Purple Magma, gamepad, video game/gaming controller

R$ 359,69R$ 483,85

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  • Unleash your power with a design reserved for those bold enough to harness forces beyond their control.
  • Xbox Series X|S controller with superior ergonomics and intuitive button layout
  • Two mappable Advanced Gaming Buttons
  • Immersive dual rumble motors
  • Standard 3.5mm stereo headset jack for in-game audio
  • Share Button to capture and share screenshots and clips
  • Volume dial with one-touch Mic Mute
  • Detachable 10ft (3m) USB cable with hook-and-loop closure
  • Officially licensed by Xbox for Xbox Series X|S and compatible with Xbox One and Windows
  • Two-year limited warranty; visit

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Algodão azul (candy), Aurora Boreal, Camuflagem ártica metálica, Camuflagem azul, Camuflagem vermelha metálica, Cuphead: Ms. Chalice, Magma roxo, Safira desbotada, Sonho pastel

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18 Reviews para este produto

  1. 17

    por Aline G. (verified owner)

    1,0 de 5 estrelas qualidade baixa!!
    produto começou a apresentar falhas após pouco mais de 1 mês de uso. Ambos os analógicos estão com defeito e se controlam sozinhos, o chamado stick drift além da entrada de fone que está com mal contato e só sai áudio em apenas um lado,fora que o microfone parou de funcionar também. No geral, obviamente não recomendo, controle não vale o preço e engana pela bela aparência,porém a qualidade dos materiais não é boa e estraga facilmente e rapidamente.

  2. 17

    por Sui (verified owner)

    1,0 de 5 estrelas Qualidade ruim
    2 meses de uso e já está com defeito

  3. 17

    por Erik Gerardo (verified owner)

    Perfecto si lo consigues en oferta
    Llegó dentro de una bolsa sin protección, por lo que la caja estaba un poquito golpeada, además de que en las imágenes se ve muy azul pero en realidad es como un azul arenoso. El cable es muy largo y se ve resistente. Los materiales del control no son de muy buena calidad al tacto. Lo compré en $640 pero si lo piensas comprar por los $999 mejor compra uno original de xbox con cable.

  4. 17

    por ユチヨ (verified owner)


    以前はTurtle Beachの製品を何種類か使っていたのですがPowerAの方が手触りや質感がしっかりした印象がありますね。


  5. 17

    por David (verified owner)

    Hervorragendes Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis
    Der verbesserte kabelgebundene PowerA Controller für Xbox Series X|S bietet ein hervorragendes Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis.

    Die Qualität und Verarbeitung des Controllers sind beeindruckend. Er liegt gut in der Hand und vermittelt ein solides und hochwertiges Gefühl. Die Tasten und Joysticks sind reaktionsschnell und präzise.

    Die kabelgebundene Verbindung sorgt für eine zuverlässige und stabile Verbindung ohne Verzögerungen. Es ist kein Batteriewechsel erforderlich, was eine bequeme und kostengünstige Lösung darstellt.

    Der Controller ist vollständig kompatibel mit der Xbox Series X|S und bietet alle erforderlichen Funktionen und Tasten. Die Ergonomie wurde verbessert, um stundenlangen Spielkomfort zu gewährleisten.

    Der Preis des Controllers ist im Vergleich zu anderen Xbox-Controllern äußerst attraktiv. Es handelt sich um eine kostengünstige Alternative, die in puncto Qualität und Leistung nicht enttäuscht.

    Insgesamt ist der verbesserte kabelgebundene PowerA Controller für Xbox Series X|S eine ausgezeichnete Wahl für Spieler, die ein qualitativ hochwertiges und dennoch erschwingliches Controller-Erlebnis suchen.

  6. 17

    por Aamenah (verified owner)

    Super cute! Feels a little too light.
    It’s super cute and looks just like an Xbox controller, I love the advanced gameplay buttons and mic muting feature, as well as the metallic d-pad. Super cute addition for a nice aesthetic setup. The only few things I didn’t really like was how hollow and light the controller feels- it might be from the lack of batteries, but I like some weight to my controller while gaming. Additionally, some of the letters aren’t centered on the buttons (which isn’t a big deal). Overall I would recommend if you’re on a budget, but if you have extra money to spend, I’d say get an actual controller or at least a higher-quality one especially if this is meant to be your main gaming controller.

  7. 17

    por まなみ (verified owner)

    初期不良 交換の対応良い




  8. 17

    por David Llamas (verified owner)

    es un poco más pequeño, y ligero que uno de xbox, pero sus botones mapeables son muy útiles, lo recomiendo perfectamente.

  9. 17

    por Amazon カスタマー (verified owner)


  10. 17

    por Yuki (verified owner)

    Beautiful Design, works well, prone to stick drift/damage
    I bought 2 copies of this product in different colors. The first one, bought June 2021, was black where the left analog stick eventually became loose and cannot re-center itself. The second one, bought 6 months ago, was pastel dream where the left analog stopped responding entirely with the Y-axis. Supposedly, the controller has a year lifespan or less and I have a weak grip on things. I love PowerA controllers because the programmable buttons and the cute and stylish designs but this is starting to become a problem. I would buy the Switch Pro controllers but the one I bought years ago is having the same problem as the black one with the added software compatibility issue with Windows where it recognizes the controller as two devices so it reads double the input. (Which I actually found a fix btw, you have to disable your bluetooth driver.)

    PowerA please try to provide more beautiful designs to Xbox controllers as the Switch Pro has it. Also, please try to fix the stick problem. Something about the analog stick design is inconsistent or unreliable. Or, the possible chance I ran into a factory defect or it got damaged during shipping.

  11. 17

    por Will (verified owner)

    Does what it says
    Product is easy to map to different buttons however you are only limited to two different buttons. Used for Apex Legends and improved my game. It feels alright to hold and hands don’t get too sticky. Left it next to my Xbox and it gained a bunt stain which I’ve never seen happen on any other controller. The voice control is useful for muting microphone or increasing/decreasing sound.

  12. 17

    por LUIS PEREZ (verified owner)

    Lo uso para pc
    Me gusto muchos aunque yo no.he.configurado los botones adicionales, me gusta que funcione para la pc, el cable es grueso, más que el del xbox normal, para.mi eso le.da un plus, además por el precio es insuperable

  13. 17

    por Arturo (verified owner)

    Excelente control
    Llevo 3 meses usándolo y sigue funcionando perfecto, es un excelente control basado en el precio, nunca lo guardo lo dejo sobre la mesa y a pesar de que a veces tenga polvo solo lo limpio y no he tenido fallas.

  14. 17

    por Michael (verified owner)

    Performs well put of the box
    Smooth ergonomics & sensitive buttons give the user accurate feedback & fine aim control. Recoil patterns are easily countered. Enthusiac players might consider dampening their deadzone. The stippled grip is just enough to provide grip & some sweat protection. Headset volume feature is innovative and easy to access. However, there is a reason this doesn’t get four stars: the audio jack. While not a destructive oversight in build quality, it is exactly a failing that makes this controller what it is, a value. There is a subtle Humm in your headset in between voice chats & in game loading screens. The hum is soft enough not to hamper gameplay, & footsteps sound just fine, though it’s annoying to hear right out of the box. I hope future models address this as I have seen other comments with the same observation. Overall, the actual gameplay is solid, and the 10ft cord is of sturdy quality and the port is supported by a molded plastic surround, thus supporting the cable’s connection and extending its life. The additional buttons are perfectly placed for the middle finger & feel natural to access. Many innovations in design are demonstrated that Microsoft & Sony can learn from. Excellent value for money, a worthy purchase for any gamer needing a quick fix. Thus is my first Power A experience, and I have to day I’m excited to look towards their high market items. You’d never feel embarrassed handing this controller to a buddy. Great job👍🏼

  15. 17

    por Daniela Z. H. (verified owner)

    Un control hermoso
    Es un control muy bonito, en la foto es más azul, pero en la vida real es más verdoso, aún así e sun contorl muy lindo, no he tenido ningún problema. <3

  16. 17

    por クーラー増田 (verified owner)

    pcで使用する為に購入。色やデザインは好みですが、アナログスティックの押し込みに関して、dual senseと比べ感触に頼りなさを感じ、ABXYボタンも押し心地は少し軽めだなと思います。アナログスティックは頻繁に使用する場合、耐久性が心配ですが、他の高級モデルと比較して安価、背面ボタンありなのはいい点かと思います。

  17. 17

    por Ana Laura Ortiz Cuevas (verified owner)

    Relación precio calidad muy buena
    Funciona excelente y al ser de cable nos olvidamos debaterias y de andar recargando

  18. 17

    por Stephanie A (verified owner)

    Broken Thumbstick upon delivery but Warranty pulled through
    Power A controllers are a temp thing yes. But in my case, it was already broken out the box. What a waste of 37 dollars.
    So, I decided to put up with it for a few months in defeat of not buying another controller too early. Sadly that slowly turned to a nuisance.
    Every game that required me to sprint with the left thumbstick ex. CoD, Minecraft, Hogwarts Legacy it would abruptly stop when I tried to sprint.

    Recently, I contacted support in hopes that maybe they can help me with this situation and they have been super helpful.
    Overall, Power A controllers are a temp thing as I mentioned above but if you ever have a situation like me, I highly recommend contacting Power A Support and they can help 🙂