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Controle com fio 8Bitdo Ultimate, licenciado oficialmente, rosa pastel

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  • Projetado em rosa pastel para adicionar um pouco de cor ao seu videogame
  • Compatível com Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One e Windows 10 e superior.
  • Software Ultimate se conecta sem fio com iOS e Android e com fio no Xbox e PC
  • Botão de troca de perfil personalizado, 3 perfis, troque em tempo real
  • Personalize o mapeamento de botões, ajuste a sensibilidade do manípulo e do gatilho, controle de vibração e muito mais
  • Dois botões traseiros adicionais de nível Pro e conector de áudio de 3,5 mm para conectar fones de ouvido diretamente
  • D-pad clássico perfeito, gatilho de vibração, aderência aprimorada e cabo de 3 metros

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16 Reviews para este produto

  1. 15

    por Clecio costa dos santos (verified owner)

    5,0 de 5 estrelas Recomendo
    Recomendo para quem quer tem uma esperiencia controle muito bom

  2. 15

    por DY (verified owner)

    1,0 de 5 estrelas Podre
    Um mes e 14 dias e o controle parou de funcionar

  3. 15

    por Cyclobomber (verified owner)

    Très bien mais partiellement bridée
    La manette est très confortable et toutes les fonctions marchent comme promis, mais attention à la gamme XBox chez 8bitdo:: elle est incompatible avec l’Ultimate Software gratuit de leur site, il faut obligatoirement passer soit par la version signée du Windows Store, soit par la version mobile qui exige la géolocalisation activée sur le téléphone pour détecter la manette.
    Je ne comprends pas pourquoi et je trouve cela absurde, alors -1 point.

  4. 15

    por Scholar (verified owner)

    Joysticks out of the box are really good (but Defective)
    EDIT AND TL:DR- Basically buy their new xbox shaped ultimate controller, fixed all the previous issues, and returned with all of the features than other ultimate controllers have. Awesome controller cant reccomend the new xbox shaped Ultimate controller enough

    Edit: I bought a 2nd controller, and after a week of playing on it, its already starting to give me the stick drift like the first one. They have a defect on the controller that causes the joystick to drift 15-20% randomly while stationary.

    I bought this controller on launch, and over my time with it so far i have put in about 400 hours and just started coming into my main manufacturer issues. As a focus understanding 95% of the hours were put on in Rocket League, so Right joystick didnt see much use but left saw alot, as well as heavy bumper trigger and face button use.

    I like the controller alot, but i had joystick reliability issues when usually these guys make phenominal joysticks, and i didnt like the actuation of the bumpers and face buttons the most. I am being petty to a degree, but i am definitely buying another one, and still recommend this controller over other xbox counterparts. Just know the bumpers feel weird for some people (very usable) and the joystick (in my 1 controller experience so far) had reliability and major drift issues (but when it worked, it is one of the best joysticks i have ever used).

    First the pros about this controller.

    out of the box the joysticks are extremely accurate, way higher quality of any xbox controller i have ever used. They are dead set to be perfect, no drift no slop when compared to other name brand xbox controllers. comparatively to Playstation controllers i would give these joysticks a very similar rating if i were to give them a score. They feel very similar and are both very accurate, i think these have less deadzone drift issues after the first 100 hours of use though, so they stay stable longer. More comments down below

    another benefit are the bumpers and triggers, i feel the design after getting comfortable with them are well placed and great size and pressure, but with their own downsides. read below.

    When compared to standard xbox controller face buttons i feel these are of much higher quality and i dont get Ghost presses that i find i get on alot of xbox controllers elite or otherwise i have used in the past. But these are still dome shaped on a lightly curved surface, so they dont give the most desirable feel and accuracy when fat thumbing.

    Its an xbox controller most of the way through, but back paddles dont feel great when you have middles on triggers and index on bumpers, if you only have index on bumpers and triggers, and use middle to press the paddles they feel fine.


    After 300ish hours of use my joystick started to stutter, and it seemed to be temporarily fixed if I used the Firmware software to reset the controller firmware (maybe i imagine the fix) But not at around 300 hours of use the joystick drift on the left joystick has reached an unusable amount for me, (IE: over 10% drift) and when i compare the experience with their Pro 2 controller, after 500+ hours my joysticks are still dead accurate, I find it hard to believe they may be different joystick designs, but there must be a lacking dust shield on this controller or something to cause this, or maybe i was unlucky getting one of the first prints.

    besides the Joystick the Bumpers dont actuate well near the outside ends, and you can tell they are on a pivot joint rather than a diaphram or spring like Playstation bumpers. I got used to this by laying my finger across the bumper and moving the entire finger rather than a pointed grip, but still was annoying in the beggining of use.

    and to continue my thought on not liked designs, the curvature at the end of the B button causes fat fingering to not feel great, you can never properly get both buttons down reliably like you can on the flat face Pro 2 controller where the flat top buttons play really well with fat fingering and are generally some of the best feeling face buttons i have ever used.

    One thing i really wish they would bring back are all the features the Pro 2 controller held, they obviously have the software and hardware to make this happen, but must have had to leave it out for Xbox compatibility and partnership, it is what it is. But i would like to allow these features like Custom Macros and freedom of use the Pro2 brought for PC users. And a bluetooth version would be cool to have as well (im being petty)

    If my joystick wasnt drifting i would happily give this controller a 4 star review and maybe even a 5 star review for how accurate and great feeling it is, But im shy to give it a 5 star even if it had a good joystick, because i feel like 8BitDo has shown myself and its customers that they can make a controller with some of the best features, Face Buttons and most reliable and best designed joysticks ive ever used. But with the improves triggers and bumper from the Pro 2, they Missed the mark on Keeping up their previous achievements. Maybe this is a weak first rendition, but also it may be a final rendition waiting for a Bluetooth rerelease, I hope they Take this time to make the “perfect” controller for what they can do, even if its 20$ more i would happily pay for the quality I know they can put out. Rather than a step to the left that makes me disappointed in the lost potential they had.


    Over all im very happy they made an Xbox style controller since i Have carpel Tunnel and the design is better for not irritating it, and im super happy the Joysticks seem to be the same design as their Pro2 Controller as even the Elite controllers have joystick slop very early on into use, not to mention Drift (average 8%) and other issues i have with them on quality. I definitely will be buying another one to see if i had a bad batch on the Joystick, because besides that this controller is really decent and honestly still performs better than most other xbox options i have used in the past, for a very competitive price. My only real griefs were in sections i have used their products and they have done a better job. So I only want to share my experience in hopes they can create a product I can enjoy my time with and in hopes that they as designers want to make their best product possible.

  5. 15

    por tdidds (verified owner)

    Great replacement for a standard xbox 360/one controller, but the rear buttons are not independent.
    The build of this controller seems fairly high quality for the price, it feels good in the hand and the joysticks (so far) have been snappy and smooth. The triggers are better than my Xbox 360 controller.

    The one downside is the back buttons. I was under the impression that the extra buttons on the back were independent buttons but they are not. You can use 8bitdo’s software to program them to replicate any other face button, but you cannot use them as independent buttons like you can on the Steam controller. I don’t know why they did this, it would be nice to have 2 extra buttons to program for things!

  6. 15

    por Tomas Gomez (verified owner)

    So far so good
    I was looking for a gift for my girlfriend so she could play games on her PC, this came up but I was a bit skeptical since third party controllers have a reputation to present malfunctions quite quickly. She loves the color so I went ahead and bought it. So far, it has been a great gift, the controller still functions correctly, it’s pretty and it’s cheaper than an official controller from xbox or playstation. It’s been a bit more than 6 months and so far, this is a great alternative to the usual first party controllers.

  7. 15

    por Darren Bennett (verified owner)

    Great controller for a good price
    Not much to say, its an xbox controller and works and feels like a genuine controller, also has paddle buttons on the back that can be disabled with the switch on the front, the lights indicate wether paddles are disabled or enabled. Have a good Xmas 2022

  8. 15

    por munoz guillaume (verified owner)

    8bitdo au top !
    Comme d’hab, les produits 8bitdo sont top qualité et confort!

  9. 15

    por Tara Navarro (verified owner)

    good budget controller for casual gamers
    This is a great controller for light gaming, especially for story/single player games. The controller has good connectivity and responsiveness. I have experienced some input delay and audio distortion here and there, but it hasn’t been terrible. This seems to be typical of third party controllers, so it isn’t too surprising. Out of all the brands I have tried, this one has had the least problems and the lowest disruption frequency. I can tell the controller is more delicate than an official model and will probably not survive high intensity gaming. It also struggles with multiplayer games due to high stick sensitivity and the occasional delays. It will suffice for non-competitive multiplayer, but I would recommend an official controller for more dedicated players. Otherwise, this is a beautiful option for casual gamers on a tighter budget.

  10. 15

    por Yeah, I bought this. (verified owner)

    What a controller
    Wanted to get a controller for OMAR when he comes over to play the madden nfl 19. We play for hours and he says pink controller makes him lose more, but we both know that it is my skills.

  11. 15

    por Custo benefício (verified owner)

    4,0 de 5 estrelas Muito bom para o preço
    O fio é meio grande de mais e acaba irritando um pouco. Mas ele é confortável e encaixa bem na mão.

  12. 15

    por David walker (verified owner)

    This was a gift for my daughter she absolutely loved it being that it was her favorite color and she was not expecting something so personalized and you need I highly recommend the company everything came perfectly packaged and I had to recommend this company!

  13. 15

    por Leo (verified owner)

    Buen control
    Muy buen control

  14. 15

    por Bingo Johnson (verified owner)

    Short sticks
    The controller is pretty great for the price, but if you’re doing any quick precision aiming- these sticks are short.

  15. 15

    por Jun Kim (verified owner)

    Good value for price
    It was goood for the price

  16. 15

    por Cliente Amazon (verified owner)

    buenisima calidad
    llevo usándolo varios meses y funciona de maravilla