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ANQIA Lâmpada de bola de plasma sensível ao toque, bola de cristal vermelha eletrostática de festa para o dia das bruxas (dragão maligno)

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  • Lâmpada de bola de vidro Cool Science – Toque o exterior de vidro para manipular a iluminação elétrica colorida para dançar ao redor da ponta dos dedos, demonstrando os conceitos de tensão, corrente e relâmpago de uma maneira fascinante
  • Ótima decoração – Dragão malvado e bola mágica com relâmpagos, deixe a festa mais atmosfera, e se você colocá-los no seu quarto ou no seu filho, será uma luz noturna divertida ou decoração de mesa
  • Segurança – Resina e vidro ecológicos, baixa potência de 8 W, não causará nenhum dano à sua saúde e segurança
  • Presentes perfeitos – para crianças de todas as idades, para seus filhos ou netos, e eles não ficarão entediados até o próximo aniversário
  • Compre com confiança – Atualizamos o processo e atualizamos a embalagem, por isso não é fácil errar, e oferecemos uma garantia de 180 dias e atendimento manual de atendimento ao cliente 7/24, então basta adicioná-lo ao seu carrinho de compras e comprar com confiança. Acredito que trará diversão diferente

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10 Reviews para este produto

  1. 09

    por whitney (verified owner)

    The detail is awesome on this thing. I love that it has a switch for on and off rather than just having to unplug it. It is lighter than I thought it would be but seems to still be a great quality. The colors are so vibrant. Smaller than I thought. The globe is like the size of a palm maybe but still a really good size. Packaged well. Very pleased with this.

  2. 09

    por Kyda One (verified owner)

    It worked, it impressed, it made my son smile.
    My son was in awe, he,s always since he saw it light up, been moving it closer to the center of his collection of dragons as the Alpha. So I would say, I chose a nice birthday gift. Thank you

  3. 09

    por misti cruz (verified owner)

    Don’t work anymore
    It was very great at first but now it doesn’t come on at all

  4. 09

    por Therese Perkins (verified owner)

    Love it very happy good condition. Shipment was on time

  5. 09

    por Nathaniel C. Haven (verified owner)

    Great customer service.
    Product was great. Kid loves it. Even though it was packaged well, it arrived broken. Seller had a new one on my porch (intact) next day. Fantastic service!

  6. 09

    por Heath (verified owner)

    Broke so fast lol
    I got got! Had it on for a few hours and it died. Smelt like burning so I through it in the trash XD

  7. 09

    por Lorraine Forrest (verified owner)

    Beautiful love this dragon thank you
    This is well made and looks fantastic . If you love dragons you will love this.

  8. 09

    por Mitchel Kulage (verified owner)

    So Awesome!
    To preface this review: I did have to purchase two separate Plasma Balls. This is due to no fault of the seller or the Plasma Ball itself, but because my kittens decided the flashing lights in the dark made a wonderful toy and knocked it onto the floor, shattering it.

    These are great, they make cool decorations and of the two I bought, both came with no damage or anything missing. I’d love to give this 5 Stars, the only reason I can’t is because the first one I bought must’ve used a poorer quality glass, because the bottom of the globe would give out an ear-ringing sound anytime it was touched while the Plasma Ball was on.

    It doesn’t happen at all with the second one I bought, but it made it much less enjoyable to touch since it would cause me headaches. Otherwise, I love it!

  9. 09

    por Gina (verified owner)

    Unique gift
    I liked this but it was not working when received. Could hear something rattling inside like something broken. Have returned but may reorder

  10. 09

    por Cheyenne (verified owner)

    A huge safety HAZARD
    I plugged it in and it immediately blew my breaker. At first I thought it just broke, but that wasn’t the case. My stove and lights wouldn’t work, and after I fixed that it began to work again. It’s pulling a ton of current for such a little thing. We turned it on again and it feels scary using it. You touch it for about 5 seconds in one spot and it starts to burn your finger, and makes a cracking sound. We had it on for a total of 10 minutes and it began to get hot when we weren’t even touching it. My son ended up turning it off saying he was afraid to play with it because it was too hot. After going back through the reviews and seeing at least two different people say theirs exploded I’m so glad he turned it off and immediately came to me. Apparently one child went to the ER with glass in his eye from this thing. I’m returning this thing immediately. Although it’s cute it’s not worth the risk and should be recalled. It is not safe!!!