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Volante Ferrari F1 Thrustmaster (PS4, XBOX Series X/S, One, PC)

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  • Réplica REmovível do volante do carro de Fórmula 1 Ferrari 150° Italia

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10 Reviews para este produto

  1. 09

    por Guilherme (verified owner)

    5,0 de 5 estrelas Ótimo aro pra guiar GT3 e Hypercars
    Ótimo aro pra guiar GT3 e Hypercars

  2. 09

    por Fabio Silva (verified owner)

    5,0 de 5 estrelas Réplica de boa qualidade.
    É uma réplica de boa qualidade, porém poderia ter os botões centrais funcionais e um sistema de shift led para troca de marcha.

  3. 09

    por Yuri (verified owner)

    5,0 de 5 estrelas Muito bom !
    Uma ótima Addon para quem ama F1 !

  4. 09

    por Fabiano Heyse (verified owner)

    2,0 de 5 estrelas não tem boa construção
    o mecanismo de acionamento da borboleta começou a falhar com poucas semanas de uso

  5. 09

    por armando (verified owner)

    Sterzo da f1 vecchio stile (adesso in pratica manca la parte di sotto) davvero molto bello ben maneggevole e che permette una gran precisione, ha tanti tasti funzionanti, il che permette di utilizzare un po’ tutte le opzioni stesso dallo sterzo, da notare che le palette del cambio sono esattamente come quelle vere, cioè entrambe le direzioni sono cliccabili da entrambi i lati, prodotto eccezionale.

  6. 09

    por Jürgen Höler (verified owner)

    Funktioniert super
    Das Lenkrad hat, entgegen einiger anders lautenden Rezessionen, sofort funktioniert.
    Die PS5 hat es erkannt u. es hat sich selbstständig kalibriert.
    Des Weiteren macht es Mega-Laune damit zu fahren, ich denke das liegt zum Einen am geringeren Gewicht und zum Anderen am besseren Feeling und den besser zu erreichenden Knöpfen.
    Habe es zum Geburtstag bekommen und bin sehr dankbar über dieses tolle Geschenk !

  7. 09

    por Andy Hollister (verified owner)

    Not for Hardcore Sim Racers
    This is a great wheel. The paddles are metal and give a satisfying click. The switches and buttons are nicely located and easy to reach with your thumbs. It’s got rubberized grips and a good weight to it. Yes, it’s a bummer that the dial switches are fake and the stickers around them are, well, just stickers. But for the price, this wheel is still very pretty and feels great in your hands. When mine’s not mounted on my wheel base, I display it on a shelf because it’s a great piece of art as well.

    I’ve got mine mounted on a Thrustmaster T500rs base. I predominantly play F1 and Project CARS on PS4. I Own multiple rims for my T500rs and this is my go-to for most open wheel racing. It works very well with the games I play and transmits the T500’s force feedback very nicely. In fact I think it’s lighter than all the other Thrustmaster rims so you definitely feel the most FFB with this.

    This wheel has enough buttons to give console players all the functionally they can get out of a wheel. There are enough buttons to correspond with all the buttons on PS4/XB1 controllers. PC racers might find that the fake dial switches hinder their experience with this wheel though depending on how many buttons they need to assign.

    For casual and even semi serious sim racers, this wheel offers plenty and will do the job nicely for you. Hardcore sim racers might find this wheel to be more of a toy though and opt for something more realistic. But the price jump between this wheel and a more realistic F1 style wheel is quite steep.

  8. 09

    por SARA-chann (verified owner)


  9. 09

    por Rasmus Karlström (verified owner)

    Fin ratt men kom fram med lite glapp i ena spaken

  10. 09

    por Mat Fox (verified owner)

    A fantastic Thrustmaster accessory for any racing gamer.
    This replica Ferrari F1 wheel is an excellent addition to the Thrustmaster range of racing accessories. If your Thrustmaster wheel supports swapping the rim (T300, T500) then this is a great alternative to the stock wheel. It changes quickly thanks to the quick-ish collar release and fits snugly with no wiggle room. The wheel has a rubberised coating on the hand grips and the wheel is very chunky to hold and has a solid feel to it. The six dials on the front aren’t actually moveable dials, but the massive assortment of buttons on the front are all assignable. The three switches on the bottom are click up or down but they don’t stay up or down, they return to neutral position and they control the Share, PS and Option button functions. The gear change paddles are much smaller than the stock Thrustmaster paddles so can only be found with your index or middle fingers but they are levers so each paddle can change up with a pull or down with a push, meaning you can use one hand to change gears up or down. There are no LEDs on this despite the suggestion from the space at the top of the wheel. Like most new wheels with different button layouts, it takes a little time to get used to the position of the action buttons, but overall I have loved using this wheel, it has made me a tiny bit more precise on certain driving games (PCars2 for one) and although it looks like a toy, it feels great in the hands and does a great job on your favourite racing games.